Why Webflow?
Learn to build websites without code in Webflow
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Why Webflow?

On this lesson I give you a couple reasons why Webflow has revolutionized the industry. How to launch your ideas to the market faster using Webflow and why I personally use Webflow on my daily projects.

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All right guys, welcome back.

I come from a design background but I
initially started as a front end developer

and over the years, front end development
has become extremely extremely complex

meaning that every year there is new
technologies, there is new frameworks

Java Script's evolution, lots of different
updates and changes that you need to

stay in front of and keep up with and
it has been very hard, even for any

developer right now to try to keep up
with all the different types of tools and

things that are out there to start coding
your website.

Right now Webflow gives us kind of that
shortcut to get something out into the

market much faster, and the way it's
doing it it's through a visual editor,

so, you actually are building code visually
and transforming those designs into code

visually is incredibly empowering and it
feels so liberating not having to deal with

so much trouble of dealing with developers
not meeting your standards of quality

and getting things the way you want.
The other thing is of course is that

Webflow makes responsive designs so
much faster and so much easier than

having to do it all by hand. I remember
back when I started learning about Sass

and just looking at easier ways to look at
our Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to make

our breakpoints work in our websites,
it just became a mess and it was just

so confusing and so convoluted that at
the end it took us a long time to really

master getting a landing page going from
mobile to desktop without a lot of

issues, so Webflow kind of mitigates
all that by giving us visually all the

tools that we need to establish our
design in multiple breakpoints.

Another thing of course is that Webflow
has all these interactions and symple

ways to animate things, we can add
behaviors, simple dropdown, we can

create modal popups and then finally
wrapping it all up into a beautifull

content management system so
you can have hundreds of pages and

lots of data, making other users editors
so they can start publishing new posts

if your are running like an editorial,
or if you have a blog and you wanna

invite some other people, all that
create an incredible environment for

us designers and developers to create
websites that are very powerful without

even touching a single line of code.

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The future of the web without code
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Neftali Loria

Author & Instructor

Neftali is an award-winning creative director with over 15 years of UX/UI design experience, a passionate no-code advocate and instructor @ Awwwards Academy!


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