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United Futsal

  • UI Design
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A multi-purpose brand was born.

We re-designed their versatile sports brand with a series of elements to align for each of their events. United Futsal currently hosts youth futsal tournaments across the world, bringing hundreds of players to compete in Disney and Barcelona. We are lucky to be part of this new journey with them by designing & building innovative products to their customers.

The current website was designed in Sketch and built with both Craft and Webflow.

One site to rule them all.


The Media Vault

Originally thought for players and supporters to browse their own videos & photos, pretty quickly it became United Futsal's most innovative tool to retain players engagement. We're currently shifting for it to become the league's primary eco-system for customers to track tournament standings, matches, awards, XP points and the biggest coaching education marketplace.

Stay tuned for the new website coming out this year.

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