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  • UI Design
  • concept
  • 2013

What if you could...

Practice your Driver's License Exam anywhere on the go? We had a very exciting idea to transform public transportation material into fun and engaging courses. Semillapp was born out of that problem and we decided to design a prototype and figure out if we could build it using only public instructional manuals. Please note these mocks are in Spanish.

Members would collect seeds that would later be used to unlock other features in the application. The user interface visually shows members progress.

We got a little ambitious


Digitalizing printed manuals is not easy.

We envisioned this app could tackle the growing need for students to study any educational book in a much more exciting way, but we soon realized the licenses and work involved would take years and a big budget. Kindle by Amazon came out and destroyed all the competition including this one.

We learned that having an idea does not mean it will be successful, today we teach this consistently to our clients whenever we begin our early stages of planning.

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