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Define the Strategy

In this course you’ll learn to define an effective Digital Strategy to implement in our virtual reality project, an exciting website filled with visual components, animations and real dynamic data.

Who Should Enroll?

This class is ideal for designers, marketers, product managers, developers, and anyone looking to learn UX Essentials: Strategy, Ideation, Wireframes & Flowcharts.

What will you learn? 

  • The UX Ideation process for building digital products
  • Analyze & Identify the project's target audience
  • Define a good user experience with simple flowcharts
  • Iterate ideas quickly with low fidelity wireframes in Figma
  • Tools to track time & deliverables in a smooth workflow


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Digital Media Masterclass by Neftali Loria

Neftali Loria

Author & Instructor

Neftali is an award-winning creative director with over 15 years of UX/UI design experience and is a certified developer and advocate for Webflow and Craft CMS.

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