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In this course you'll learn to build responsive websites with the power of Editor X. We are going to build an advanced VR landing page, filled with interactions, animations, custom sliders, 3D transparent video and master the sticky position technique. Try Editor X

Who Should Enroll?

This Editor X Masterclass is for designers, marketers, content creators, developers, entrepreneurs, agencies or anyone looking to build professional responsive websites with Editor X.

What will you learn?

  • Learn to Build Websites with Editor X
  • Editor X core features like Design Libraries, Masters, Layouters, Repeaters, CMS and Interactions.
  • Responsive Web Development in Editor X
  • Dynamic pages and relational filters with Editor X Content Manager
  • Webflow's Advanced Hover Interactions
  • Editor X Ascend Business Tools and SEO settings
  • Configurations to launch a professional website in Editor X

Why Learn Editor X?

Editor X — an advanced web design platform made for professional creators who build sites for others. Editor X offers a unique combination of approachable CSS, integrated business solutions and built-in coding capabilities. In this crash course, you'll learn to build and launch powerful websites with seamless responsive layouts and full breakpoint control, all in one place.

The fastest way to learn Editor X is by understanding the foundations, including: The Cascading Rule and The Parent Model. I dive deep into Editor X core features, like the inspector design layout to help you jazz things up with awesome animations, sticky position techniques and so much more.

Editor X is an advanced web creation platform made for designers & agencies. This Editor X course is made for serious creators who want to learn how to build sites for others. You'll learn how creators can work together on Editor X with side-by-side editing, granular roles & permissions and shareable design libraries.

Editor X offers a truly unique combination of a smooth drag and drop interface with advanced responsive design capabilities. Creators can experience total design freedom on the most intuitive and flexible canvas.

Editor X is a full stack solution, meaning you can take your website from concept to live all in one place. On this course we learn to build an advanced website using Editor X design capabilities, integrated business solutions and a robust CMS, you can build, launch and manage your site on one streamlined platform.

The possibility to add custom code makes it even more powerful, Editor X is rolling out a suite of collaboration tools to optimize teamwork and streamline your workflow. Thanks to these tools, Editor X is a great platform for teams to work together on the same projects simultaneously.

Ready to jump in?

What's going on, guys. Let's give a huge shout out to editor X for sponsoring this video. And let's jump in.

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Neftali. I've been designing and launching online experiences since I was in high school. Yeah, I was that nerdy kid that would stay after school building websites with goofy ass gifts and sparkling stars everywhere. I had pretty cool teachers. They even let me take one of their lab computers back home.

You can guess what I did next. Right? Obviously play video games. You guys remember that game? Civilly station. Oh my God. You literally had to insert two. This gets in order to play. It was crazy. Anyway, this obsession with computers led me to learning HTML and CSS. And nerding out about animation. Like there was no tomorrow, those were good old days when we didn't have to worry about pleasing clients.

Right. Okay. Okay. Snap out of it, long story short, I continued that path and really honed in on many skills. And since then, I've had the opportunity to launch a few no-code startups and produce award-winning experiences for brands like Google Hilton. And Gritstone I created this course for creators who want to build out kick ass websites for themselves and for others.

And if you're like me and you're tired of relying on developers to build your operations. This editor X-Force is definitely for you, or maybe you run a marketing agency and you need to quickly iterate and launch websites without knowing how to code editor X comes in as an advanced web design tool made for professional craters, which offers a unique combination of features, including integrated solutions, responsive break point control, and a repost content management.

I don't know, X also has this smooth drag and drop interface and a suite of collaboration tools to optimize workflow within teams. Now this sounds like it has it. All right. Well that's because it does, but let me show you my favorite top features. Forget about hosting control panels or managing complicated SSL.

You can build and launch your website on one streamlined platform. That's what makes editor X so special. Personally, editor X is a true visual editor. If you come from a design tool like Adobe XD or Figma, you know what it's like to design around flexible layouts. You're literally doing the same thing.

When working with editor X canvas. The difference is this tool does all the magic for you behind the scenes. You'll love it's workspace capabilities. Like design libraries, style guides, or themes, scalable fonts, custom breakpoints for granular control, customizable as VGs transparent videos, integrated automations, and best of all, the ability to manage your membership platform, we'll be covering each one of those together.

As we continue this learning. Go ahead and join the community X forum to connect with other creators, give feedback, and get the latest product updates. Some of the limitations that I've encountered while using editor directs are not deal-breakers. And to be fair, I'm a very picky creative director, always pushing these tools to the limits.

Now these limitations are probably going to be available shortly after this video has been released or before, throughout these lessons, we'll cover these limitations and deeds. And together we'll call out to the editor X Scouts to hear us out, into making them a reality. So let's go jump into the next lesson and take a look at what we're doing to build together.

See you there.

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Digital Media Masterclass by Neftali Loria

Neftali Loria

Author & Instructor

Neftali is an award-winning creative director with over 15 years of UX/UI design experience, a passionate no-code advocate and instructor @ Awwwards Academy!


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