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Webflow Limitations
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Webflow's Limitations

On this lesson we take a look at the Webflow's limitations including memberships, multi-site configurations, Webflow asset manager and exporting code. I share a couple solutions for these Webflow limitations including an entire course to overcome them with the power of Craft Cms.

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Webflow like any other no code application
also comes with some limitations, and

it's important that we understand this
limitations before we get into any

project that we wanna build, there are
a couple of things that we have design

in our previous courses that won't be
possible completely without

code in Webflow, so just a heads
up, the whole point of this project is for

me to teach you how to build sites
without a single line of code.

So, I wanna make sure that it's clear
to you that even though Webflow

does allow us to build some incredible
stuff, we can hit some walls depending

on how complex your idea is and what
kind of feature your trying to do.

The number one feature that it's still
not ready, it's not available for us to

utilize with Webflow is memberships
and in order for us to have the one

single click form that we created in our
previous course, currently Webflow

does not have it, maybe it's something
they are working on. There are external

plugins, there are external tools that
we could potentially use to manage users.

One of those tools is called Memberstack,
Memberstack allows you to hook your

site using their API to establish a set of
rules so that based on if the user is

logged in show this, if the user is not
logged in show that, so it's a little bit

limiting, it works very well for some
basic features, but for our purposes

we won't be able to do it, the one single
click option that we design, that's one

of the barriers that has made me wanna
teach you about Craft CMS which is the

next course in this Masterclass program.

Another thing that frustrated me a lot
was the ability to manage assets using

our own CDN server, so right now every
image that you upload into the server

of course gets uploaded to webflow's
own CDN, so you don't have access to

using Amazon Cloud or Digital Ocean,
I personally think are a little bit more

powerful to manage all your assets
in the cloud, but because it's all wrap

into a single package, you paid your
hosting you paid your account,

you might wanna actually take advantage
of that image assets.

And the second feature that I feel that
it's not there yet with Webflow is

multi-site configurations, right now
we could only publish a single site

domain but we can't have multi-site
languages, it's incredibly important when

we are building websites for clients that
are not just based in English or in

Spanish or in whatever language
you decide to build it in.

The final one is just exporting
code right,

Webflow does not want you to leave, they
don't want you to take the code from them

and then use it somewhere else, in a much
cheaper server, so instead they have remove

a lot of the features and functionalities
that you would typically use like in forms,

or for example using lottie animations
which is something we'll look into later

in the lesson, so that's a bummer but is
not the end of the world.

All right guys this is a lot of stuff to
kind of talk about but I just wanted

to give you a heads up, so let's jump
in and start building this incredible

I'll see you on the next lesson.

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