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Webflow Tools for Success

On this Webflow lesson we take a look at Tools for Success. How to build a streaming virtual reality website in Webflow and how to harness the power of these tools including Webflow.


Webflow Project Files

All our project files for you to practice and play with along with some bonus materials.


It's your turn!

Take a moment to download this Webflow Template so you can practice, experiment and use however you want!

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The tools that we need on this particular
course is going to be Milanote which

we already took a look at in previous
courses, so you go ahead and check out

those courses if you haven't. Milanote
it's amazing it's a tool for organizing

and staying... keeping our ideas and
projects into visual boards.

The next is going to be Google Analytics.
Analytics is a tool for us to start

tracking the users, the traffic and how
many people are coming into our

site so we can then later be able to track
and set some goals as far as conversions.

GoDaddy is where you actually buy
domains, so the domain that we are

going to be using in this particular
course is streamvr.app and I've already

purchased this domain so we could
utilize it for this particular project in

We are also gonna learn about Cloudflare

which will enable us to distribute to
multiple regions in the world so that

would make our site load a lot faster
and whenever we need to hook it

up with Webflow it'll make our job
a lot easier.

All right guys so, again, Figma is going
to be the tool we are going to be using.

Now, Figma is going to be incredibly handy
in this project because we of course designed

in Figma. We are gonna bring over all of
our assets into Webflow and make them

All right so, what Webflow allows us to

do is transform our designs into something
incredibly visual and interactive.

Now, we are creating this landing page
just as a marketing piece because we'll

also be learning in future courses how
do we market specifically for this page

and so I wanna show you some of the
cools things that we can do with Webflow

including kind of like a parallax effect,
working with symmetry, animating as

you scroll, so as you scroll things start
to show and fade in, these are some

of the basic stuff but then there is a
lot of cool stuff that we can do with

Webflow, so let's go ahead and
jump in, I am super excited to

show you what Webflow can do.
I'll see you on the next class.

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