General Webflow Settings
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General Webflow Settings

On this Webflow lesson we take a look at our account and project settings including paid plans, billing, integrations, 301 redirects, Webflow's advanced publishing options, editor settings, search engine optimization, forms, backups and custom code and how to transfer an entire project in Webflow.

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All right guys.
Welcome back.

The first thing I'm going to do is just
create an account.

All right guys so, in the upgrade plan
you are gonna see that we have

the different plans right here I have
the starter plan that gives me 2 projects

to experiment with, a couple of features
here that you get access to.

If we go over to our project settings
so, every project that you create

will have additional settings.

On these settings we can set our
subdomain, what is going to be

our temporary domain to test out
or our staging domain, we have some

of the favicons that we can add and

This little icons just simply change the
icon that appears on the browser screen

so if you are on a phone you can
download the actual website you'll

have that icon appear on your phone.

The timezone stamp, if you have a
blog and you need to create posts

this is the timezone that it will use
to create and add that timestamp.

You can toggle off the Webflow branding
of course if it's a client project

and some additional analytic settings
these settings we don't need to worry

to much about because we will be
integrating Google Analytics to have

a more robust system.

When you go over to hosting, you have
2 types of plans, you have the regular

website or an Ecommerce website, in
our case because this is a simple landing

page that we are building we are going
to need, we are just going to go with CMS

plan which is $20 per month and that gives
us the CDN, it gives us the CMS also so

we can create multiple items and we'll
look at this in another lesson

and of course the site search, so we
can start searching for movies and

things like that.

So, we will look into this in a little bit,
te actual domain that you are gonna

publish it's gonna live here, we are gonna
look at that in another lesson.

301 redirects, this is a very important
tool because it allows us to redirect

previews pages that are no longer
there, to a new page.

So, for example sometimes we would
want to rename a specific blog post

we can come to our 301 redirects and
send the users over to a specific page

and we can manage that directly
over here.

Some advance publishing options
are just enabling your certificate,

it's just that little icon on the top
that you get on browsers to help

your site be a little bit more secure
and minification of the HTML and CSS

it just obfuscates the code so that
it loads faster.

Ok so then we have the editor settings
we are going to be able to add multiple

collaborators, we will look into this
again in another lesson.

Over at billing again you have the ability
to set up a client billing so that you

can delegate those costs over to your
client and you don't have to worry

about this.

For SEO settings so the Search Engine
Optimization tab, you get some additional

settings to toggle the site off from
getting index by google spiders.

So this is specifically for the subdomain
that we get.

You will also be able to auto
generate a sitemap

this will be sent over
to search console, which is

the Google tool that we will be
using, and there is just additional

settings to link that search console over
using the Google site verification ID

this is where we would paste the code.

Over at forms we have a couple of settings
like where we want the forms to go

what email do we wanna use, what subject

One thing to note is that you do get
a limit per month, based on the plan

that you have, and you can also trigger
some reCAPTCHA settings, this is

a Google reCAPTCHA tool that it
helps your forms avoid spammy

submissions, so if you have just a
basic form and you get a lot of

traffic, is very likely that you might
start getting spammy submissions

if you don't have a reCAPTCHA set up.

And then at the bottom you are gonna
see all the submissions that have been

sent or submitted ¬°, in this case I have
up to 1000 form submissions per month

that gets reset every month.

Yeah, so we are gonna look at fonts in the
next lesson, so let's skip this for now.

One thing to notice, you get the backups
so whenever you have created a new

update to your site, maybe the site
crashes and you don't know what's

going on, you can always come back
over here and restore to a previous version.

Integrations again, this is for analytics
we are going to set up our analytics,

link back the ID that we get from
analytics we'll look into this in another

lesson and some additional tracking
tools like Google optimize and facebook

pixel, that we don't need to worry about
right now.

Finally custom code, this custom code
helps us add additional styles or scripts

to the footer of every single page of
the entire website, this helps to integrate

additional 3rd party tools so, we don't
need to worry to much about it.

What I wanna highlight over here is
that you have the option to transfer this

project over to a different user, or to
a different team, you can duplicate

quickly the whole project

you can share a read-only link if
it's needed, you get the main 3 buttons

which are to access your designer
view, the editor view which is for

collaborators, and the publish
you'll be able to publish the site

to both the staging domain and
to the live domain.

All right guys, so let's jump in to
our next lesson to take a look

at importing our fonts.

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