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Dynamic Templates
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Webflow Dynamic Templates

On this Webflow lesson we take a look at dynamic templates. How to import our design components into dynamic templates in Webflow and when to use conditional elements on Webflow.

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all right so let's try to bring in

some of the styles and elements that we

created in our playground

and bring him over to this dynamic


the way i do this is i've created

already a theme called

dark so i'm going to apply that to the


next i'm going to my playground and i'm

simply going to copy

that same component of the slideshow

and i'm going to bring it over into

our dynamic template so i'm going to

copy this

bring it over to our entries template

and simply paste it

okay now all we have to do start

replacing some of the content just like


so get text from the name

and let's replace the extra details we

can change that to the year

okay we can select the year from there

from the properties panel as well

so we can just toggle this and then

choose year

can ask you for the format all right

something very cool that we can use with

webflow is adding conditionals

what this does is we can decide which


of these three different colors to use

based on

a specific field type and based on or

based on the value of the field type

for example i want to show this orange


only if has a lower score and it has a

grade of low

and in order for us to do that is we we

select the actual

field with the navigator and we go over

to our property panel and select


we click on add a condition and we look

for the field we want to try to filter


so in this case is the grade option so

in the grade it's going to ask us if it


and then the value that we have

determined if it's equals to low

then show me so element is visible when

the grade

equals to low then we save that and

immediately that

media is disappearing because this has a

high value or a high score

then we do the same thing over here so

we do this so if the grade

is equal to okay then we save that

okay so now that we have those

conditions set we want to look for a

one of the one of the movies that has a

value because some of these movies that

we've entered do not have the grade

established yet

so let's say for example the godfather

and we change the value of the grade

to a high and we click save we can click

on the actual on the actual movie so

let's look for godfather

just like that he will preview that


entry so right away we can see the

the green one is showing up okay

then the actual value inside we can

change that

through here select the text pull that


from the score just like that and we

want to do that same thing

on the other three so you want to pull

the score from there

and the score from there

so if we were to put on the database

the godfather part 2 maybe this one was

a low score

we put it to like six or seven then we

save it

then what's going to happen is when we

go to godfather

two we'll see that godfather two

let's remove that we have got father two

has a score of seven

and it's showing the orange color uh

that we have established and that's

based all on classes so we have the

class low which is a combo class

we have a combo class for preview and

then we have a combo class for hi

that's pretty simple another thing that

we can do here

is look for images and set them as

background images so if i select the

hero bg

which is taking care of this background

we can simply go to the

properties panel and select to get the

background image from

our entries so all we have to do is

choose the hero image

and just like that spooling the

background image and setting it to this


the hero bg class all right so let's go

ahead and check out

the multi-reference functionality and

this is the

this is something we're going to use to

start showing some of the related data

into our dynamic template so for example

the actors how would we show

related actors on this page let's go

ahead and take a look

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