DNS Configurations
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Webflow DNS Configurations

On this Webflow lesson we take a look at easy DNS configurations. How to setup your Webflow site with Cloudflare and how to solve your email hosting if you are on a Webflow hosting plan.

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all right guys on this lesson we're

going to establish

our dns and redirect our domain

hopefully we have already purchased that

you should get that from a dns provider

in this case the most popular ones are


there's namecheap.com as well you can

check out ionos.com

also they provide domains and hosting

and finally google domains

be aware that webflow does not host


so you will need to find a different


you have options like you can go over to


set up an email you could try it for


or you could actually set up a business

account with google suits

they have some interesting pricing

personally i think google suit is

really really reliable it's the best out

there but it is pricey

so just for you to note you want to have

a business email

you want to have you're going to have to

check out one of these third parties

alternatively what you can do is

go over to a host hosting provider

maybe purchase a vpn or a dedicated

server so that you can so you can have

your emails hosted there

and then we can simply redirect

the records over to webflow

so the website loads up correctly and

the emails get

sent to your server

so i'm going to go into my products

and access that domain we're going to

use specifically for

our webflow site you will see a

series of records these records although

they seem pretty confusing

what they do is just take care of the

connection between

your hosting provider and your domain


anytime we need to set up an email or

set up a site

the dns management is crucial so we want

to make sure you have

access to your dns either from godaddy

or whatever registrar you decide to use

the next thing i want to introduce to

you guys is that you need to make sure

you have

a cloudflare account and what is


cloudflare is a super powerful

cdn so a cdn is a content delivery


it's a group of servers distributed


multiple countries in order for them to

work together

to make your site load fast

and reliable if the site goes down your

site will

still show up and be available across

different regions

so i've already created my account and

the first thing i want to do

is create a site so i'm going to create

the site here and i'm going to call it

streamvr dot app

which is the name of the domain that

we're going to use

and we're going to select the free plan

for now

right away what cloudflare does it

starts to find the dns records on its


and you'll notice right now that it's

found a couple of them

all right so ideally what you want to do

is make sure you don't have

any cname records at all so i'm going to

delete this one

and i'm going to continue

what cloudflare is doing it's going to

give us

a couple of name servers these name


are just going to be a redirection

over to our cloudflare so all we have to


is copy over the cloudflare's name

server one

and two and bring them over to our


so if we refresh our godaddy account

and go into dns we want to make sure

we change the name servers over to what

cloudflare has given us

okay so there's one and then there's the

second one

just like that and we click save

right now it's just asking it's just

making sure that you are aware and you

consent that the name

server's domain is going to be changing

this typically

takes about 24 or up to 72 hours when

you do a change like this

so some of these features of dns will

not work until

that has been processed

all right you're gonna see some security

and conf some

security and speed configurations for

your site

so we might go ahead and just skip

through because we don't need to


any of them all right once we have

confirmation of the domain registration

we are ready to start

connecting webflow with cloudflare

so let's take a look in the next lesson

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