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The Editor Dashboard
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The Editor View in Webflow

On this Webflow lesson we take a look at editor view. How to add additional collaborators in Webflow  and how to start using the Webflow editor view correctly.

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all right so let's go ahead and start

adding some collaborators into our


we can go into our project settings

simply by clicking on the

settings toggle here where we have the


we can start adding some users on the

cms plan that we have we can add

up to three more people so i'm going to

go and add

you send the invitation and once that


accepts that invitation they'll get

a link for them to create an account

that link that i got from the email will

look something like this

so it asks hey you want to join as a


so it will ask you the first name

last name and a password

all right so that's it pretty much once

that user has created the account

they will actually have power to modify

the text on the site

and it's really really cool that the

the editor the editors are able to do

this visually

they can change some of the values add

some bold italic they can add links

on the bottom they have a series of

settings they can go

into so for example if i toggle on the


they have access to the different pages

the static pages that we have created

the movies if i click on movies it'll

take them there

okay and then if i were to go over

to collections they can see all the

buckets of data

that they can start modifying or adding

new stuff so for example they can add

new actors simply by going into that

section notice there's a little extra

tab created

so every time i go to collections and i


open one of these it creates a tab on

the menu

so that i can toggle them on and off

and i can access forms so i can see how

many emails have

been sent using the form sign up that we

have in our home page

they have some additional settings like

the account they change their profile


and just general help and support the

most important thing to note here is

that yeah

they can start going into and seeing a i

guess a

lighter version of the form fields that

we have reviewed

and here they can select the the

different images to replace

and so this is super hand handy when you

have a

much larger website that you're managing

with multiple

all right so anytime the user anytime a

user modifies some content

say they change the score to a movie

like that they can publish it

right away um or they can even save it

as a draft

so that it can be reviewed by other


so for example if i save this right now

it's going to appear as staged changes

as a status

it will only be visible once that user


publish and you can see right here you

have two unpublished changes which is a

notification letting you know what

changes were made

by what user so this is all something

you can control

as an admin but it's really nice to see

and have access to

again if they go back to pages they can

access some of the seo settings by

simply going to the page

they need and then clicking settings

they can access

the seo settings like changing the title


the media description especially if

you're hiring or have

somebody who's taking care of your

google marketing campaigns

one quick tip is if you're an editor and

you want to add

a new um a new movie for example

we can go over to our movies and let's

say i'm going to add a new movie here

this one's going to be called the joker

i can actually preview

this before i even launch it so

sometimes when you just create it you

don't know where to preview it

quickly add some members here you can

even add them directly from the plus


if that actor does not exist

okay the actor is joaquin

phoenix we can add the avatar

and the role actor

and we're going to leave the biography

empty for now so create

there we go and for the cover

this is the actual cover that's going to

be appearing behind it so this is a

larger image we can just upload there

the genre we can select genres over here

so this is

a drama crime

and we have action

i can actually just ignore this field

right now because this was the original

fields we were using

before as the practice for the hero

we're going to select the hero

the joker image and then the trailer

we're going to paste the trailer that we


on the joker so right away you can see


webflow automatically embeds a thumbnail

and a preview of that which is pretty


and we're going to click click create

cool so now you can see here we have the


stage for published it hasn't been

published yet

but i want to preview what this page

will look like so if i click on

that page again i can click i can see

this little icon right here navigate to

detail page

i click on that

and i can see right right away i made a

little mistake which i added the cover

or the hero into the cover so we can

change that image

simply by selecting that icon and

swapping it out with the correct

thumbnail and there we go we have just


using the editor mode both the actor

and the movie

so if we were to go to back to live site

you'll see that we get this page not

found because

the joker is not published yet so we we

need to publish that until

it's published that movie won't be

available what i'd like to do is feature

that movie on this slideshow

so what i've done to create the

slideshow because webflow does not allow

to create collection lists within a


yet but what i've done is a a simple way

to do this

is by creating a collection so if we go

back to

our edit site and i created a collection


slideshows and if i go into collections

i created a slideshow called featured

and this

slideshow has a couple of fields and

it's just the slide 1

the slide 2 and the slide 3. and here i

can choose the movie

that i want to feature the joker which

is not going to appear because we

haven't published it

so let's publish the changes that we

have made which were

creating the joker card and the actor


there we go select the joker and then

click save

and then now we want to publish this

update and once we've selected that

we can go back to the live site and boom

we just updated

that slideshow pretty cool guys

all right guys this is it i think we are

good to go

on the cms again go ahead and download

the resource to clone this project

over to your webflow account you can

tear it apart you can continue adding

uh things to it make it your own and

let's jump into our next lesson so we

can learn about

optimization some basic techniques that

i like to do before we even publish this


Coming Soon

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