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Simple Retargeting
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Simple Retargeting Ad Campaigns

In this Marketing lesson, we dive into the 3 different methods that I personally use, to run retargeting ads. I'll walk you through it step-by-step in Mailchimp, Facebook & Adroll.


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Hey, welcome back guys. So deciding on when to start retargeting, you know, your customers can be a little bit tricky. If you start delivering ads right after they abandoned the carts or make a purchase, you risk coming off as annoying or pushy. The same thing goes, if you wait too long, this may lead them to forget about your brand and support competitors instead.

Your ads might follow these shoppers from site to site. If they see the same visual and message over and over again, they're going to suffer from banner fatigue and they will become turned off by your brand. So ultimately you don't want to bombard choppers with ads which have a negative effect, be respectful of their online space without compromising on your own goals.

Let me go ahead and introduce a couple of tools that I use to create my retargeting ads.

All right, the first one is of course MailChimp. This one is my go-to. It has a really cool system for retargeting ads, after somebody comes from an email, they go to your site and then they start seeing it on that display network.

We're also going to take a look at Facebook retargeting. So thanks to the pixel that we have installed on our website. We will be serving ads through their social network.

And finally we have, this one is a pretty good tool because it lets you customize every single ad in banner that will be displayed throughout their network.

All right, so I'm going to go ahead and create my account. And it's pretty straightforward, we're going to have a free account that has the retargeting options. Once you do that, you're going to be asked if you're having a consent banner on the website for European audiences. In this case, we're going to target only US, and so we can just go ahead and skip the No banner.

Once you do that, it will ask how do you want to connect this? We're going to do the connection manually. So the pixel that adroll will provide, we're going to copy this little script, and simply I'm going to paste that just below or before the end of the head tag.

But it really doesn't matter. You can also put it in the footer code, as long as you have that code loaded on the pages should be good.

All right. So once you have that done, and the pixel is connected, you can go ahead and create your first campaign. And what we're going to see is very simple: on the left is kind of the process or checklist and on the right is the actual fields that you need to fill in.

So the one we need to do is going to be a retargeting campaign. All you need to do is add a name, so we are going to call this retargeting campaign.

So for the daily budget, let's just keep it minimal for a $10 on a daily budget for the optimization strategy, we can let adroll take care of this, so we're going to leave this empty.

You want to set up a start and end date. We're going to leave this empty for now. We're just going to let adroll, do its magic with it, day parting and frequency  software. So we're going to keep that on. And as we get into additional settings, we're going to see that now we're moving into the ad groups.

So here is where we start defining audience. So what is our audience and who do we want to reach out to? Okay. So let's go ahead and create our new audience. We click on the create button and it's really simple. In fact, all we have to do is, tell adroll where is this audience coming from, so in this case, yes, we want to match a specific URL.

So we just need to add in our domain and we're going to give it this a name. Now Adroll asks also how long we want to keep this person in the audience. So we're just going to let the 90 days default and there we go. We have our first audience. We're going to let Adroll take care of the locations for now.

And we're going to focus on creating our custom ads. So that's the one we want. We want to create a custom ad and that will open up a set of options for us to drop in images and title description where this ad will take them to. And so it's pretty straightforward. You have the dimensions here, 600, 600 by 315.

And right now I've already have a set of templates that we could use. These sizes are kind of the standard sizes that adroll provides. So once you have your creatives kind of ready to go, go ahead and download this tool called Bannerfy from And I think this is really cool because it's a plugin that you install on your Figma and what it does it just lets you quickly add animation to all of your ads and export them as a gif or as a video.

All right, so you can see here, every frame is split into different rows. And it's really cool because it lets you basically animate this quickly, click on the play icon, so you preview the animation and again, these animations are so basic, but they are very helpful because they keep the file size slow.

For example, if you want to toggle the looping and additional settings, like the delay, how long do you want specific items to appear? And notice how cool it is, it's almost like a timeline, so you can track what items come in first.

All right it's pretty straightforward.

The next one is MailChimp. So how do we do retargeting here?

We want to make sure we have a domain verified and authenticated. Under automations you want to click retargeting ads, click on Google remarketing ad. And this is just a shortcut of Google ad networks.

So once that's loaded, what we're going to see here is that first, you need to be aware that doing retargeting requires you to upgrade to a higher tier.

But essentially it's very simple. You follow the steps through what audience you want to reach out, to the budget that you want to spend per week, have the minimum of $7, and then the content, so you have up to five ads, and you want to make sure that you have a series of variations so that, you know, when you produce, or when you send out these ads to multiple networks, that the users don't get bored.

I'm going to go ahead and export these retargeting ads that I'm using for my own masterclass. Just so that I can show you an example.

Here, I'm just uploading these into their own little folder, that way you keep things organized in MailChimp. We're going to drop in the PNG files, make sure you compress the images.

You want to insert those swap them out and logo is optional. Everything else is pretty straightforward, we'll need a link, a little short headline, a longer headline, and a message.

All right. So just to note, not all of your ads might appear with these texts. That really depends on where it's going to be displayed, but it's just as simple as saving this and you can now see a little preview of what that looks like.

If you click on view more sizes, for example, you can see how this would look like on a website. So the top header and the sidebar and the footer. So that's pretty much it, as far as MailChimp goes.

You can also take the longer route with Google ad manager to create customized banners for the Google ads network.

All right. So let's take a look at Facebook retargeting. When you get to your Facebook business account, you want to click on audiences, and from there it will redirect you to this page where you can create a lookalike audience or saved ones. Very simple, we want to click on the website visitors, any visitors tracked by the pixel will become a target.

So once you add in the website, it's going to detect the pixel that we're using. And we want to make sure that we select the events coming from the pixel we just made. And it's tracking all the website visitors.

Now it's very familiar to Adroll, something we saw of how long we want to keep these audience for, in this case, we can just leave that for 30 days.

All Right, we want to give that a name and it's going to be populating as time goes by, so it's not going to be quite ready, but if you have a lot of traffic coming to your website, this actually helps a lot. The next thing we want to do is create an ad.

So right on the audiences, we want to create a brand awareness ad,that's the objective, but you can choose either traffic, engagement or video views. Depends on really your goals. So once we click create campaign, it works very similar to what we've seen before. So you have the new campaign. And this is just the name of this strategy. This first strategy we're working with, you're going to see additional details, very straightforward, you know, what's the limit or a spending limit, if you have any AB testing happening, don't worry about that, this is just the group name.

The ones that are really important is your Ad Set, because this is what your audience looks like. So you can have multiple audience, in this case, we're going to do website visitors.

So, daily budget, we're going to keep that low. Pretty straightforward. But what we want to do is focus on our custom audience. We make sure we click on website visitors, and I'm going to go ahead and exclude any details that are prefilled for us. Remove the country, that way the targeting will be worldwide, so any visitors from anywhere.

Let's go ahead and leave the demographics alone for now. And again for placements, we can leave that automatic for now and we're going to let Facebook kind of handle all of the backend. So that's the optimization. We click on next and now we're ready to create our creative or ad.

One thing that's really important is that we need to have an identity. So we need to create a business page in order for the ad to be served. So I'm going to quickly just create the SVR page. It's actually quite fast doing it through this setup. The next thing is we're going to create an ad and we're going to upload an image for this ad.

I've already gone ahead and designed this as a square one-to-one. And it's very simple, you can see it's just a logo it's creating brand awareness. You can create customized versions for the vertical views as well. We're going to take a look at how we do that on the next lesson, so don't worry about it for now.

You can see here, you can preview a little bit of what this would look like. Make sure you add in the primary text, keep it simple short and to the point, making sure you have a proper headline, a good description, and the website URL. You can also change the display link and call to action, which is actually really useful to show that directly on the banner.

You want to make sure that you choose the correct call to action. They give you a couple of options for you to choose from, but on an all it's now almost ready to go. We're just making sure that the events are being tracked by the pixel. And you can go ahead and click on review, just to make sure that you have everything ready to go.

You can use the little arrows on the ad preview to see how it will look and work on different channels.

All right, guys, this was pretty fun. Hopefully you have a good idea of how to do your retargeting with these tools.

Let's go ahead and jump to the next lesson and take a look at how I typically do my video campaigns.

All right, I'll see you soon.

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