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Search & Index Data
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Search & Index Data with Webflow

On this Webflow lesson we take a look at search and index data. How to use the search component in Webflow and how to setup your search results page correctly using Webflow.


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all right guys so another cool feature

that we get from the cms plan is the

ability to search through

all these data entries so if we add a

for example if we go back into our


page and we select the plus icon to add

a component

we will see that there's a component

called search

if we simply drop that in into our

entries page

and maybe we want to move that all the

way up to the top

we can use this to start searching for

any specific

keyword based out of pages that we have


or dynamic templates so how does this

search tool work

the search tool is going to work based

on pages

so if you click on the settings of any

of these pages for example we click on

the home

you're going to have some additional

settings and one of those

options is called the site search

settings you can decide whether

a page can be indexed or searchable

by toggling this option over here so

simply by toggling that off or sorry

by toggling that on you're excluding

that page from the site search results

and also you once you've added that

search bar

across your page you can use it

as many times as you want and it always

going to take you

the search results so if you go to the

search results page which i've already

stylized and added some of the


you're going to see here i have created

a series of

cards from our playground we saw that we

created some cards

but i'm utilizing the wrappers that

webflow gives me

which which just basically works the

same way as the collection list wrapper

it gives us the search results in a

great way

and you can decide how many you want

based on the results length

yeah so you can stylize the search

results however you want

and just consider that you have some

basic settings here that you can use

the most important thing is to

understand the indexing

so if you go over to the cogwheel on the

left panel and you click on the search


you'll notice that webflow gives us the

ability to

index our entries or our pages we can do


manually once a day if you have the cms


or if you have a professional plan or

business plan you can

probably do that once an hour that

actually for me

seems like a limitation because it makes


have to wait once i've uploaded a lot of

entries or a lot of posts

think about it maybe i have a portfolio

you know or a large database i can't

really search for those

entries until it's been indexed i'm

going to go ahead

and start indexing some of the data's

entries that i've created so let's click


index now and let's wait until the whole


is pulling all that data and uploading

it into our

system once i'm done doing that on our

search results page

so if i were to select on the search

results wrapper

i can go to the settings and just simply

type in a preview

of what i'm looking for so godfather and


right away i see the results based on

that keyword

and all the pages that have been indexed

based on

my collections that i've created cool

let's publish this

and check it out live


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