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Publishing the Website in Webflow

On this Webflow lesson we take a look at publishing the website live. How to connect your custom domain in Webflow and connecting your Webflow DNS records correctly with Cloudflare.

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okay great so once you have

linked your cloudflare with your domain

manager in this case godaddy

uh you will get access to a series of

really powerful features but one want to

focus is that now your dns settings or

your records are no longer

being managed by the godaddy so you have


remember that anytime you need to add a

new record

uh we need to actually use cloudflare

let's go over to our hosting tab in


and under custom domains we're going to

add our domain click on add domain

and now it's going to give us a couple

of things it's going to ask us to add

these records to our dns

we have two types of domain we have the


without the www and we have the one with

the w so that says sub domain

now i typically like to have my domains

with the ww the streamvr dot app without


can also be used but then you would need

to make sure that your

server or your dns has support for that

okay so let's toggle these open and

these issues that it's showing me it's

just saying that

right now there's no records linked to

this domain so let's go ahead

and add these records over to our


use option one which is the recommended


by having by having these a record so

it's a type of

record the name and then the value so

we're gonna

just simply copy the value by clicking

on it

and then i'm going to cloudflare

over here and then we're going to add

the record a

the the name is just an at and then for

the value

i'm going to put the ip address

so i want to toggle this proxy off then

click save and i'll repeat the process

over here

so copy this ip and then i'm going to

add the a record

at ip just like that

make sure we toggle off the proxied


all right next i'm going to copy over

the second option here but instead it's

a type of cname

so i go over to cloudflare and i'm going

to change the type

to a cname and i want to use the


and then we'll just paste the value

remember to toggle of the proxy

and then click save great so now we have

the three three records that we need for

webflow to be able to connect

to our domain and that's pretty much it

let's go ahead and test it out all right

so we can click

on check status and right away we see


it is connected and we can click on

check status for the second

url and boom we see they are both now


i want to make this one the default url

so i'll click that and there we go

now all we have to do is publish

so we can click off the svr webflow.io

and we can toggle on the the new domain

click publish and that's it

it's time to celebrate

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