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Organic Social Media Marketing and Tools for Growth

In this Marketing lesson, we'll demystify free advertisement using organic social media marketing and reveal my tools for growth.


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Hey guys, before we get into the tools for growth, let's discuss organic social media marketing. Organic social media marketing is basically when you post updates to Facebook, Twitter, or some social platform without paying to promote those posts and without paying for display advertisements. These are all great platforms to do organic social media. But depending on your organization and your marketing budgets, some of these platforms are going to be more beneficial than others.

Okay so considerations, first of all, authenticity is really important. Organic social media marketing is generally not the best place to advertise a specific product or service, unless you're providing a lot of context and have already established a significant rapport with your audience.

Typically it's best use to build that relationship with your customers. And this is your opportunity to show the authenticity of your business. If you watched some of my other courses, you'll probably know that I talk a lot about content is always King, which is exactly what you should be doing with your organic social posts, especially when you're first starting.

Now providing tips or solutions to problems for users is always a great way to perform content marketing and build a relationship with customers.

It's also important to take in consideration that the time investment that you're putting into your organic posts to make sure that you're getting more value out of them than you're putting in. This is a common problem with smaller organizations, they pour lots of time and money to social media, and then they're baffled because they don't know, or they don't see the return on investment.

And this can especially be evident when marketing with platforms like Facebook or Instagram stories, these types of posts are more effective for large organizations, like, I don't know, Nike that have already established a substantial following and can guarantee a certain amount of views before a post is deleted when starting out, it may be a good idea to pick one or two primary social media platforms you use, and then start slow by only posting once or twice a week, depending on the results that you're getting you can then adjust your posting frequency.

In order to help with this, it's a good idea to establish some goals. What is that you're looking to get out of social media? Are you trying to drive traffic to a website? Are you looking for a direct sales or are you simply trying to build a following for future sales and promotions.

By establishing these goals, you can better assess the effectiveness of your efforts.

One way to streamline your organic social media efforts is to use third party tools for posting social media. Tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Later or Sprout social can help you prepare posts for the future and post similar content across multiple platforms.

Okay. So now that we have a clear idea of organic growth, and maybe you have established a good following on social media, it's time to take it up a notch.

We're going to do this with a couple of growth hacking tools that I think might come in handy. But be aware, just like any tool you want to be wise and use them appropriately for your growth efforts and not ruin your reputation. The first tool is called Combin, it's a simple way to automate tasks on Instagram.

This might make you a bit nervous, but if you actually use it wisely, it will help you grow and analyze and engage with your audience. For example, one of the best features is the ability to run an advanced hashtag search so you can see trends and what type of posts people are doing to help you produce content.

You can also run an advanced profile search to find stats about your competitors and identify a potential audience to tap on. Combin provides advanced reporting and stats around your activity. It comes with a free scheduler tool you can use to plan your future posts.

To finalize I want to introduce and I think it's pronounced, I'm not sure.

You can think of these tools like CRMs with a flare of growth hacking. They both share a powerful Chrome extension to find and validate LinkedIn members.

Whoa, validate members? What does that mean? Okay. Well, You can straight up look up any keyword and the list of people that appear on the results will automatically reveal their email, phone, and role and add them instantly into a segmented groups for drip campaigns directly from the tool itself.

You'll notice that uses credits instead as their currency to collect data versus reply, which is a bit more expensive per user, but it offers unlimited usage. Depending on what your budget is. It should be something to watch out for, but both tools are pretty cool to start growing your leads.

All right, guys. So hopefully you have enjoyed these awesome tools and hacks to get your audience going. Let's go ahead and jump to our next module and get our hands dirty with practical marketing campaigns.

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