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Marketing Video Ad Campaigns

In this Marketing lesson, we look back at the 3 videos we created in order to run an effective campaign directly with Facebook & Instagram stories.


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Hey guys, welcome back in this lesson. We're going to do a little bit of a similar exercise that we did from our previous lesson, but now we're going to take it on physio. And so we're going to do this with Facebook. And the only difference really is that we're going to use a different ad set that's specific to our target audience that we looked back earlier when we were creating our business strategy.

All right. So let me go ahead and show you how this is done. All right. So looking back at the exports that we made from our previous course, all we're going to do is go into our ads manager. And here we can basically start creating a new campaign or ad set that will reflect our video, uh, target audience.

So what we want to do is create a traffic campaign. That's going to be our main objective. We're going to call this a video campaign. Okay. We can go ahead and skip the details and AB testing. And we just go into the next stage, which is creating our audience. So, if you remember mail and video games is the interest that we're targeting now for the budget.

We're not going to actually do a daily budget. Instead, we're going to switch this to a lifetime. I typically feel like when it comes to video, having a lifetime budget and letting Facebook run, its algorithm helps a lot. So let's go into our audience. Now, remember, this is all being done based off the research that we had from our melanoma, our first session in UX, where we identified that the key target audience are based in.

Canada United States, England and Australia. These are the ones that the client wants to target, but you have to be aware that when you create a campaign based on an entire country or multiple countries, the algorithm will take longer to try to identify that audience. You will. You're going to start seeing that little kennel on the right side.

When we start triggering the age. The demographics, the gender, and all these things are going to start letting you know the potential reach that this campaign will have the best strategy for me. When it comes to video campaigns or Facebook ads is try to narrow down as much as possible. So for example, under the interests in the detailed targeting dropdown, We want to find interests that relate to this audience, not just a category, right?

So I know video games is one of them, but that is just one. There's a really cool trick that you can do. And it's just basically looking for where do these people hang out? Where are they searching? What kind of information that do they consume? And so from there, you can actually start looking for not just categories and topics, but also pages, pages that are currently exist that people have liked and follow.

And that's where we want to narrow this down. Go ahead and do it quick research on Google to see what are the top gamer blogs, and then try to see if there are pages on Facebook that currently exists. A very common one is actually polygon. That's a very famous blog and we can go ahead and add that in.

And what I'm going to do now is now that I feel that we have a good understanding of the pages and things that we want to target, let's remove some of these, uh, Categories or topics. And let's just keep it a little bit more broad to just video games from there. We can now think about how can we keep narrowing this down.

Even further. One thing you can do is start removing the actual countries itself and try to narrow down and start a small campaign to see how it reacts in specific regions. So for example, let's go ahead and remove the actual trees.

And I'm going to go and go ahead and target just the city of New York and maybe the city of Los Angeles. These two cities are very well known for their Comicon conferences and their gaming community. So I feel like this would be a good strategy to begin with. One thing you can do also is instead of letting Facebook do all the automatic placements everywhere on their network, you can decide what places you want this video to appear.

So for example, a video wouldn't really make sense to have in the messenger. Right? So for optimization, we want to focus on link clicks. So that is going to be the main driver to traffic. And we want to make sure that the optimation tries to find that audience that Facebook will do using their algorithm.

All right. So let's go ahead and finalize by creating our ad. We're going to call this promo video. We've already got the identity setup. All we really need to do is start selecting the video formats, scroll down over to our ad creative and under media select add video. Can I go ahead and upload two formats, the square and the vertical.

So the first one, of course, you're going to see it preview just like we saw earlier. And here, when we go over the stories, um, dropdown, we can edit. This and change it for the stories. So we get to use the vertical one. We simply open that up and under change. We're just going to upload the vertical format, select it, then save it.

And you can see right here, it's working really well. Now the reason why we want to have vertical is because it's a little bit more effective. I feel like the fact that it's full taking care of the full screen, it looks very professional. All right. Now we just got to do the same thing for Facebook stories, change that, select the vertical video and click safe.

All right. And to finish this off again, this is very simple. Once you have that ready, all you have to do is worry about the content. Making sure that it's simple, that it calls to action, but it also creates and generates curiosity pronounce. I'm going to use the dropdown called to action for signup. That should be the one call to action and to drive our traffic to the landing page.

If you haven't set up your pixel yet, go ahead into the events manager and you want to create a setup and event. When you do that, it will ask for the website. And from here, all you have to do is find what kind of event you want to track, because we've already created the thank you page. It's pretty straightforward.

I open up that page and track that URL. So once I tracked that, I give it a name. So in this case, this is a lead because they haven't paid any money. All right. So once you have the lead event, now you will go back to your events manager and you'll see that showing up in the very bottom. So that's this, uh, this is good.

And just ready to go. Once you have that set up back into your Facebook ads, you want to make sure the pixel is active and ready to go. From there we publish. All right. So there's a lot of advanced things in Facebook ads. I'm not going to go too deep into this. It would require an entire masterclass to do that, but this will give you a better sense of creating campaigns and running ads for your clients or for.

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