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Tracking User Data
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Tracking User Data

In this Marketing lesson, we identify the importance of tracking our visitors with a pixel. I'll show you step-by-step of installing the pixel in your project, and creating a custom event when you earn new subscribers.


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Okay guys, in this lesson, we're going to learn about the famous pixel and the importance of tracking users when they visit our website, the Facebook pixel is a powerful little tool that allows you to measure the performance of your ads by breaking down what actions people are taking on your website.

So without this pixel, Facebook would only know how many people click through to your website, but with the pixel, we will tell Facebook how many people actually made the purchase. Facebook will guide you through  placing this pixel on your website and if you use Webflow or WordPress adding this pixel script is really easy and I'll show you how to do that in just a little bit.

I also recommend that you create an audience for apps based on your email list. It's relatively easy to do, you can simply upload this existing email list. So the next time you create an ad, you can target anyone on your list that has a Facebook account. Let me show you how simple it is to get that set up on Facebook. Let's take a look.

All right. So the first thing is head over to and create an account. And we're going to go ahead and create the stream VR network and simply use a business email.

Once you click submit, you have to be aware that the naming convention is important. So for example, you need to keep this as simple as possible without any spaces. So just fix that quickly and then we should be good to go. All right. You'll probably get an email to confirm. Once you confirm, then you will have access to the Facebook business account.

And the first thing is going under data sources, we're going to click pixels and that will open that little pop-up where we were going to write in the name of our first pixel. We're going to drop in our URL and there we go. And so from here, we just need to set up the pixel now and we click on that one.

Okay, we're going to click on the second option to manually add the coding to our website. We copy the code and we're going to bring that over to webflow, but not really put it on the head code. We're actually just going to copy the ID of Facebook pixel, copy that over and then under integrations, we're going to click, we're going to paste that into the Facebook pixel.

If you're running a business in Europe. You might have to set up the delay with the cookie consent so that your website is GDPR compliant. Once we do that, we just need to publish the website and then drop in the URL so we can test that pixel directly from Facebook. And then if we go back to the tab, it will refresh and the pixel will now show active.

Once you do that, all we have to do now is head over to the events manager. So we click on the events manager and that will take you to a new tab. And what we want to do is create a new custom conversion. So we go under that dropdown, simply give that a name. It could be something that describes what the action is, so in this case subscribed.

And under the rules, what we want to do is simply add the URL of where that user is going to land to track this conversion. So in this case, this will be a thank you page that I just quickly made on webflow I'll add in the URL and for the value we can leave that empty for now, if we go back into webflow, we want to make sure that we change the redirect over to the thank you URL.

There we go, let's give this a try. So once we add that in, it takes us to the thank you page. And if we refresh the pixel, we will see that our event is working correctly. Okay. Once we have the pixel ready to go, we want to click back to the business landing page. And the next step is to create an ad account.

Now, you can do the pages later if you'd like, but the most important thing here is creating your ad account because that's the think of it as a bucket of where you're going to be billing all your ads and make sure that you also update all your business information and verify them with Facebook so that you have additional settings and features once you actually get approval from them.

Great, head over to the ad accounts and click on add and create a new ad account, that's the one we want to do. We're going to just give that a name. It could be something simple, just like SVR and then click next. Follow the prompts of the business information.

Including who you want to give access to. So if you have multiple users you want to give them access to specific things in the ad account, and finally adding your payment information. And there we go. Once you have the ad account and you refresh your landing page of your business account, the only thing left for you to do is set up the pages itself.

And that's actually really, really simple.

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