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Tools for Success
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Tools for Success

In this Marketing lesson, we take a quick look at the tool stack I personally use in my digital marketing, growth hacking and lead generation.


Being the best means investing in the best, no matter what level you are at, this course will take you through the entire process you need to be able to implement an idea and turn it into a fully functional business.
Manasés Padilla
Photographer & Entrepreneur
It has been the best investment I made in my design journey so far. I would consider myself a novice but I honestly feel like I've gained a genuine professional insight into the process of creating a high-level website.
Noel Hale
Founder of Slush Monkeys®
I'm an early adopter of the KreativePro Masterclass, and I love how well put together it is. Neftali takes you through each step of the process from paper sketches to marketing all with fun visuals & clear instructions!
Mae Green
Product Designer @ Dropbox

All right, guys, let's talk about some tips for selecting the right tools for your organization.

There are a lot of different tools to choose from nowadays, and it's important to look for tools that have a proven track record. It's also important to take advantage of free trials whenever you can. This can be a great way to test the tool before you decide to make a financial commitment.

Finally, it's important to try to find tools that can provide multiple solutions for us. This can cut down on costs and it can reduce the amount of time that we spend learning it. If you can solve multiple problems with a single platform or tool, then it's just going to make our lives easier. And hopefully you'll have more money and time to pursue more digital marketing efforts.

Later on this course, we're going to talk about Google adwords, which will allow you to advertise on websites, but also on YouTube. At the same time, we'll also take a look at Facebook ad manager, which will allow us to advertise both on Facebook and Instagram. Keep in mind that as we move through this course, I'm going to talk about a number of different tools.

And just because a tool is mentioned in this course, it doesn't mean that it's the best fit for your organization or your project. So here's a list of tools we need in order to run a good marketing strategy. Number one is Google analytics and the search console. This will help us track important metrics on our website.

We will use MailChimp for our email acquisition efforts because it's simple and all the awesome features that it has. I'll teach you how I build a simple email using their editor tool. Next, I'll be showing you how I use Combin and to start building your community, finding hashtags and growing your audience with a little bit of automation.

And then finally, we're going to boost our traffic and brand awareness with our video campaigns, using Facebook ad manager and Google ads. It's relatively simple and we'll do this together.

Okay, sweet. So before we get into all that, we need to cover some of the basic marketing terminology, you know, like all those jargon words we are used to hearing and what are the different areas of marketing we need to be aware of.

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