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Video Formats
Learn to Edit Marketing Videos with Adobe Premiere
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Video Formats

In this Adobe Premiere lesson, we will duplicate our final sequence into multiple video formats for social media.


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Now, before we go ahead and export this and, you know, get it ready for launching our campaign. We want to be able to have multiple formats of the same video. And so what we want to do is in our assembly workspace, the final, we want to make sure that we duplicate and start renaming them with different settings.
So for example, The formats that we're going to use is the 16 by 9, which is the one we have right now. It's a wide format, the 1080 by 1080, which is a 1:1. So it's a square essentially. So we can call this 1080 and what we want to do is make sure that we change the setting. So the sequence settings needs to have now the format that's adjusted to it.
So 1080 is the frame size and 1080 making it 1:1. Okay. Everything else will stay the same. And this is what's going to happen. We're going to go ahead and click okay. And once we do that, we want to go through under the frame, you're going to see what it's going to try to do is align itself to match the design that we had.
So the text is going to try to adjust itself. And so there's a lot of things we need to fix here. For example, the sizing of this element, the PNG is no longer that size. So we need to make sure we consider that, the text here we want to make sure that we have the correct sizing, we can play around with this.
And once you have something that's good, you can export this on its own. So this one, for example, we'll use the effects control and because it's actually on its own timeline. The best thing to do here is to transform this into a nest. So we don't mess around with the movement.
Playing around with this, it's going to be pretty simple, but you want to make sure that you nest all those elements because you don't want to mess around with the animation that you made, like that, so now this one would need to try to match the sizing.
And what's going to happen is that the zoom effect is no longer going to work. And the reason why is because when we import it in our timeline, the project, we imported the transitions based on the sizing. And so what we want to do instead, if we want to replace this is creating new documents or save this one, save as, and have this as a different project so that you can import the correct size.
You're going to see here that there's multiple sizes. Okay. So 1:1 is ready. And any nests that you start creating, make sure you add them into their own folder.
We can call these nest. So that we can keep this clean. We know that final is going to take care of our 1080, 1920, 16:20, we can call this "16:9 final". And then we would need to do one last one, which is the 1080 by 1920. So if we duplicate this, we can call this the 9:16, 1080. Again.
And what we want to do for this one is change the sequence settings so that this height is going to be 1920, and it's 19:6 click ok.
And this is going to be our story. So our 15 second story, we go back and make sure that we have everything nicely fitting. Over here, you want to make this scale. And depending on the frame also you want to make sure that you center the pieces that are most important.
For example, this one, here we can cut it. And over on this side, we can make sure that this part is the center. The center part of our frame. So it's nicely frame, then he goes into her. And maybe move it a little bit to the center.
Again here. This is just a matter of moving things around so that they match correctly. Make sure that it's good.
Okay, we can zoom back in.
For this car scene I think the best way to approach this would be to turn this entire scene into a nest
"flying car" and then here you want to zoom in and move it just a little bit.
All right, here we go. So we have the formats, the different sizes, the squared, the story, and the final wide. So that's pretty much it for the formats.
All right. So let's go ahead and jump to the final lesson and get this exported.

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