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The State of Editing
Learn to Edit Marketing Videos with Adobe Premiere
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The State of Editing

In this Adobe Premiere lesson we will explore the state of mind we should have when editing our marketing video.


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All right, guys.

Let me first explain what I
mean by the state of editing.

Editing video is an art
form of its own dominating.

This technique takes severe
practice and a lot of iteration.

Editing is the ability to communicate
a message or tell a story in a

way that stimulates curiosity,
evokes human emotion and can make a

memorable impact on your audience.

Now let's be honest.

Perfecting this art form will
take years to master, but editing

a video is not that complicated.

The question is what's needed to create
all those emotions and establish a

connection with your desired audience.

For me, it's all about behavioral science.

The trick is to understand that
you're orchestrating and leading a

narrative in a way that can provoke
someone to act or do something.

For example, You see this a lot with
Netflix documentaries, especially around

meat diet or vegan diet, which always
inspires me to change my eating lifestyle.

The way these films are edited,
can generate a massive wave

of influence towards making
these decisions in our life.

So you cannot get my point, right?

Think of editing as a state of mind,
crafting a timeline in a way that

provokes action is really hard.

But luckily there are ways to
help us create high converting

and engaging videos by simply
understanding some basic principles.

The most important thing to
remember is that you don't need a

big production budget to do this.

If you are resourceful with the tools that
are available today, it's likely that you

can create a high converting video for
your next client or your own business.

Take a look at this timeline of one
of the most successful campaigns.

I ran on Facebook ads.

I created this entire video with
Camtasia, the tool I use to screen

record and make these courses.

I didn't even use a
professional tool like premiere.

Instead I repurposed GIF animations and
memes, use simple typography effects and

found a catchy tune to help guide the
structure of what I wanted to communicate.

All right.

So let's go ahead and jump to the
next lesson so I can show you the way.

I typically structure a new video
even before jumping into the edit.

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