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Masking Elements
Learn to Edit Marketing Videos with Adobe Premiere
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Masking Elements

In this Adobe Premiere lesson, we will explore masking elements in our timeline to reveal the logo in our marketing video.


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All right guys. So the next thing I want to do is adding our logo at the very end, so that we can show it or reveal it as this mask or VR headset moves up from the scene. And now, because we could use the keying tool to get rid of blacks, but there is a lot of black happening in the VR headset itself so we might lose all those details.
Instead for this kind of thing, we might want to consider masking our object, and adding some key frames within our mask to hide and show that logo. So let's go ahead and do that. So in my Figma file or document, I've created this simple frame that has the same dimension of 1920 by 10 80.
And I've added my stream VR logo with a little bit of a gradient. And I'm just going to export this with a 3X over in our training. So we can have a folder called VFX or graphics, you know, and then from there we can add in the logo.
Okay. So here in my assembly, I'm going to create the graphics folder and we can drop in the one we just created.
And that's a PNG and we can go ahead and drop it in at the very end of our timeline. Let's go ahead and zoom in, go back into our editing mode.And put that probably right at the very beginning and just play around with the effects panel so we can see what size we want it. We can have that, like that crop it, so that it matches the sound.
Okay. Now we know that this VR logo's going to sit nicely. There. And that right here at this point is where we want to reveal it. Okay. And this is really simple to do. I'm going to add this logo into its own nest. And in this nest right here, I can add additional things like the opacity and blend modes, but the one I'm interested in is this little pen tool that I can use to start creating a mask around it.
So if I zoom in, let's say like this. I can start creating this little shape based on specific points so I can click here and then make more like this. Now I don't need to go that detail because all I care about of this mask, is this part where the headset is moving. Okay. If I move across, then the headset is no longer in that position.
We have additional settings here. We have, for example, the mask feathering. So how much feather we want to create between, showing the elements, in this case, it doesn't really matter because all we want to do is invert this and then anything outside of it is shown or visible. And notice that I have this mask feather happening.
Now, why is that important? Because if I move this mask around, you can start seeing that feather effecting how we would reveal that logo. Okay. But we don't want that. We actually want the feather to be at zero, so we don't see that happening. We see a nice solid line that replicates that of the VR headset.
And then from here, we can start creating key frames of position of where we want this mask to be moving. If you select the mask from here, you can track kind of like the outline of where you want it to be at certain points. So for example, here, this is perfect. And then here, at this point, we can create another one, another key frame using this little dot, and then we can find that mask, move it slightly.
And then we can try to align the dots that we created with the mask itself. Okay.
Just like that. That looks good. This is a very simple solution to this problem. You could probably do this a lot better with after effects. Right now, we're not very concerned about that. We just want to make sure we can get this good enough.
And again, another key frame and we want to move this higher like that. We can zoom in using this little section here. Make sure you always select the mask so you can see the outline
HEre we want to fix this key frame. You can go from left to right key friends using these arrows, and then make sure you align, you correct the sizing so that this fits a little bit better. What's happening behind like that. Okay. So we're almost done here. What we want to do is make sure that it's completely gone, there.
So just to be safe, we create another key frame and make sure that it's high enough where we don't see it like that. Okay. And that's pretty much it. If I zoom out, so make this fit, I can see now that the effect is going to work nice. Beautiful. Just like that, so fast you can't even see it, but it's really cool.
And the best part is that because we've nested this, we can now create an effect within that little sequence. So for example here, if I go back to my R2, I can say, this is where it starts to reveal itself right here. If I add a marker, that marker is going to be shown in this timeline over here, so that this is the exact spot where this logo will appear on the parent sequence.
And so what we want to do is add in additional effects, like maybe the scaling. So as it scales up, maybe it scales down. That's really up to you. So maybe it goes up like around 58, very very subtle. And so from R2 now you can see that effect happening.
Nice. Okay. That's pretty cool.

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