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Digital Media Masterclass by Neftali Loria

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Award-winning designer and filmmaker.

Hi there, I'm Neftali Loria.

For the past 15 years I've been lucky enough to work with some incredible projects. One in particular enabled me to travel and capture the wonders of the world. Since then, my design & films have inspired many people around the world.

Tech is moving fast...

A lot of people think that specializing into a creative career takes years of formal education. The truth is, we live in the most exciting times to become a designer, engineer or visual artist. I'd like to invite you to my ultimate digital media masterclass. Together, I’ll teach you how to keep up with our fast paced industry.

The Problem

The problem with today's online tutorials is the lack of context and continuation. They usually provide chunks of information but stop leaving you dry and cold without really understanding how to apply it in real life scenarios.  

The Solution

All my courses follow a linear path with real examples including analysis, design, development, photography, videography and finally bringing more customers to your business with simple and effective online marketing strategies.

personal experience

+20 years packed in a few nano courses.

Invest in you career & become a multi-skilled professional

visual interactive experience
Since 2000 I've been

Crafting Visual & Interactive Experiences

About 20 years ago I read my first book about HTML. Since then I've been crafting visual experiences for both small and big brands. Oh boy! So much has changed since, now I am ready to teach you what I've learned so you avoid countless mistakes and headaches with my digital media masterclass.

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Since 2010 I've been

Awarded on Curated Design Galleries.

My designs have been showcased, and featured in several curated design galleries. One of my personal favorites got nominated both on Awwwards and CSSAwards for beautiful aesthetics and mobile first development.

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Featured in curated design galleries
Neftali speaking at conferences
Since 2012 I've been

Speaking at Key Industry Conferences

I've had the privilege to speak in several key industries about web development & web design. Most recently I was invited to TEDx and shared stage with the president of Costa Rica Luis Guillermo Solis for #SocialMediaDay

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Since 2015 I've been

Awarded Vimeo's Staff Pick

I was soon bombarded with license deals and contracts after getting my first Vimeo's Staff Pick Award for my travel film "Land of Kings". A very distinguished award among filmmakers that enabled my audience to grow steadily while I was traveling the world.

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Awarded Vimeos Staff Pick
Showcased on international film festivals
Since 2016 I've been

Featured on International Film Festivals.

Honored to be featured in both London's and Australia's International Travel Film Festival #ATFF2016 and soon after at Amorgo's Tourism Film Festival held in Greece.

Watch Films

Trusted by Successful Brands.

I've had the opportunity to launch a series of award-winning experiences for Google, Bridgestone, Emirates and Hilton.

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Trusted by successful brands

Love your blank canvas

Dive into my step-by-step design videos, starting from basic research, wire-framing and advanced UI / UX systems using today's most powerful tools.

Who should enroll?

Junior to Intermediate designers looking to step-up their game.

Walk away with:

  • Skills to dominate today's design ecosystem
  • Tools to dominate the research & analysis process
  • Paramount differences between design vs art
  • Techniques to work smart & efficiently
web development

It's not rocket science.

Want to learn how to code? Forget what you know. I'll teach you how to build an entire website like this one without a single line of code.

Who should enroll?

Creatives looking to master and build interactive & dynamic websites using powerful content management systems such as Webflow & Craft.

Walk away with:

  • Skills to handle sophisticated cloud-based projects
  • Development languages like HTML, Sass & Twig
  • Tools to build advanced web animations
  • Knowledge to build & deploy powerful websites

No filters attached.

Master the visual language of photography and feel confident with your camera settings. Make your photos look better than ever.

Who should enroll?

Anyone with a passion for photography.

Walk away with:

  • Techniques that will inspire to shoot often
  • Tricks to make your instagram posts pop
  • Knowledge found with advanced workshops
  • Resources that will strengthen your creative career
video & Editing

Follow the motion flow.

Produce mind-blowing videos and discover the creative state of editing. Understand the importance of your timeline and how motion and music can be your secret weapon in storytelling.

Who should enroll?

Anyone interested in storytelling through video

Walk away with:

  • Techniques to cut, edit and color
  • Tools to master & boost your creative career
  • Knowledge to operate your settings like a pro
  • Skills to produce higher-quality videos
DIGITAL marketing

It's more than just ads

Understand how to build an audience and drive more sales to your products. We will build and track sponsored ads with real life projects.

Who should enroll?

Those who love making clients very happy!

Walk away with:

  • Higher social media engagement
  • Knowledge about your target audience
  • Tools to master your social media campaigns
  • Ways to optimize & track your ads

Always in high demand and our go-to artist to conceptualize and produce brilliant solutions for our high-profile clients like Hilton, Google and others. As a successful business owner, my greatest skill is identifying true 'superstar' talent. When you meet Neftali it is clear he is destined to accomplish great things in life. He is an extraordinary person I endorse, 100%.

Arturo Schwartzberg
Co-Founder, CFO @ SweetRush
Luis Solano Pochet

I met Neftali after one of his films was first published in a photography magazine in 2015. At the time, I was so impressed by his artistic vision and work, that I reached out to him. We have been friends ever since. Over the years, I have told him many times that he is one of the best creatives I know. I fully endorse Neftali as a person of extraordinary ability as a filmmaker, designer and creative direction.

Luis Solano Pochet
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