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Hi, I'm Neftali

Award-winning creative director, designer & Awwwards instructor

What's my story?

For the past 15 years I've had the privilege to work on incredible design & film projects that enabled me to travel and capture the wonders of the world. Since then, my  productions have inspired many creatives worldwide. Today you'll find me teaching everything I know to help creatives boost theirs skills!

Tech is moving fast...

Keeping up with today's industry is hard. But the truth is, we live in the most exciting times to become a designer, engineer or visual artist. Today more than ever businesses need an online presence and together we're going to build one step by step.

The Problem

The problem is the lack of context and continuation most other courses provide. Typically they provide chunks of information but stop leaving you dry and cold without really understanding the entire process.

My Solution

All my courses follow a linear path for beginners and professionals including UX strategy, user-interface design, no-code web development, storytelling, video editing and finally bringing more customers with simple online marketing strategies.

Are you ready? Let's jump in!


What students are saying 💜

Being the best means investing in the best, no matter what level you are at, this course will take you through the entire process you need to be able to implement an idea and turn it into a fully functional business.
Manasés Padilla
Photographer & Entrepreneur
It has been the best investment I made in my design journey so far. I would consider myself a novice, but I honestly feel like I've gained a genuine professional insight into the process of creating a high-level website.
Noel Hale
Founder of Slush Monkeys®
I'm an early adopter of the KreativePro Masterclass, and I love how well put together it is. Neftali takes you through each step of the process from paper sketches to marketing all with fun visuals & clear instructions!
Mae Green
Product Designer @ Dropbox
personal experience

+20 years packed in a few nano courses.

Invest in you skills & become a creative professional

visual interactive experience
Since 2000 I've been

Crafting Visual & Interactive Experiences

I picked up my first HTML book 20 years ago, since then I've been crafting visual experiences for both big and small brands. Oh boy, so much has changed! Now I am ready to teach everything I've learned so you avoid countless mistakes when building professional websites.

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Since 2010 I've been

Awarded on Curated Design Galleries.

My designs have been showcased in several curated design galleries. One of my early startups got featured both on Awwwards and CSSAwards when mobile first was first introduced and most recently for The KreativePro Masterclass website!

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Featured in curated design galleries
Neftali speaking at conferences
Since 2012 I've been

Speaking at Key Industry Conferences

I've had the privilege to speak in several key industries about film, web development & design. Most recently I was invited to TEDx and shared stage with the president of Costa Rica on #SocialMediaDay

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Since 2015 I've been

Awarded Vimeo's Staff Pick

Things quickly took off after earning my first Vimeo's Staff Pick Award for the travel film "Land of Kings". A very distinguished award among filmmakers that enabled my audience to grow and putting my work on the map.

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Awarded Vimeos Staff Pick
Showcased on international film festivals
Since 2016 I've been

Featured on International Film Festivals.

Honored to be featured in both London's and Australia's International Travel Film Festival #ATFF2016 and soon after at Amorgo's Tourism Film Festival held in Greece.

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Trusted by Successful Brands.

I've had the opportunity to launch a series of award-winning experiences for Google, Bridgestone, Emirates and Hilton during my time as creative director.

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Trusted by successful brands
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